There is great humour to be found in the book, which makes the story much more palatable and yet, strangely, makes Stephanie seem a lot more dangerous… Incredibly though, despite the random acts of violence Stephanie presides over, she does rapidly become extraordinarily likeable. You just want to hug her, honestly…For all her faults, you just want her to have the chance of a decent life. That emotional investment on the part of the reader is nicely rewarded in the end. This is a worthwhile, though time-consuming read.

Hal Marshall, London (top 100 Amazon reviewer). See full review here.

…it is much more than a `coming of age’ story – it is transformation from marginalised London gang culture to conforming member of humankind – but alongside the triumph there is tragedy. `Once Bad Intentions’ is an eye-opener, and hopefully it can inspire challenges to identity and encourage moving on from whatever and however heinous the background.

D. Elliot, Cumbria (top 500 Amazon reviewer). See full review here.

Stephanie’s voice is unique as diarist and as teller-of-the-tale – the voice is powerful, intelligent and gripping… This is a courageous, honest and compelling read. We sense from the beginning how it all might go, and we hang on every word until she gets there…these people and places will always stay with me.

Leslie Gardner, Artellus Ltd. See full review here

This is a ‘real’ read. Stephanie will take you through many emotions that you actually ‘feel’ reading this book. You will want to shout at her, scream at her to ‘fix up’ but also understand the decisions she made, even if in hindsight, it was wrong, but more than likely celebrate her many positive choices.

Mikely, London. See full review here.

Once Bad Intention is an eclectic mix of struggle, violence, acceptance and improvement. Monique Dixon as really dug deep into the heavy negative influencers within inner city London and the struggle of teenage life in the 90’s. This book gripped me from start to finish with a wealth of turbulent encounters that explain and contributes to the growth of Stephanie.

Marlene, London. See full review here

I loved the way Monique highlights real family dynamics and young people will find the story a real page turner because they will be able to identify with it but see that today’s failure can breed tomorrow’s success.

Marcia, London. See full review here.

The storyline feels authentic and it carries moments of high emotional impact. The language evolves in concert with Steph’s own development and, in the latter part, some turns of phrase were lyrical and even poetic.

Kirwan, London. See full review here.

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