Stephanie Johnson’s 5 Life Lessons

Once I understood and forgave Mum for the way she helped cultivate my sisters and me, I understood and forgave myself for allowing my heart to harden, to become the home of malice, anger and contempt. I was a deluded child. But once I forgave I felt open to be forgiven.

Stephanie Johnson

As the protagonist in Once Bad Intentions, Stephanie Johnson’s story is one that transcends the darker realms of society. Wilfully embracing anger and resentment. Her developmental journey welcoming change and ending with love and redemption, makes for valuable life lessons. Lessons that I think are worth sharing.

So here are Stephanie Johnson’s 5 Life Lesson’s I’ve extracted from Once Bad Intentions (I hope you find some value in them):

Lesson No. 1

Seek out opportunity. Be sensitive to her arrival so she doesn’t pass you by in preparation for missed opportunity. Do not fear, snub or be put down by opportunity. When she arrives, know she is there for your taking. Grab her with both hands and take her as far as you can carry her.

Lesson No. 2

Keep your heart open to forgiveness. Forgiveness lays the healing foundation and paves the way to restoration.

Lesson No. 3

Change comes from within. In finding someone to blame for your mistakes, failures and shortcomings in life, start with the person staring back at you in the mirror. If the change is made there first, everything else seems to take its rightful place in the art of balance.

Lesson No. 4

Fix you first. Our life long partners reflect our current forms. If you are damaged from your experiences and do not prioritise the fixing, healing, loving of your broken self before you open up to long-term relationships, then you are likely to attract the broken, wounded and hated specimens of our society. The Laws of Attraction warrants you to attract a fixed, upstanding, loving soul-mate when those qualities are too reflected in you.

Lesson No. 5

Charity begins at home. Invest in yourself. Invest with time, mental, spiritual, physical and whatever financial resource you have at your disposal to continue your development. To make you the best version of you.

If you want to read more about Stephanie Johnson’s journey, get your copy of Once Bad Intentions here.


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