Blacker Dread Supports Local Author

Blacker Dread has been well renowned in the UK reggae scene from as far back as I can remember. His music store in Brixton’s Coldharbour Lane is one of the UK’s key distribution outlets for reggae music on vinyl, tapes and CD’s.

In walking along Coldharbour Lane, it’s the base-heavy, therapeutic, reggae sounds that will invite you into his store reminding you why London is so great. When I was invited in by the melodious sounds on that occasion, I noticed that Blacker Dread also stocked books. Of course I pitched why he should stock Once Bad Intentions, and delightfully he agreed.

Here’s a sample of the type of music you’ll hear on passing, and will find stocked at Blacker Dread:

You’ll also find copies of my book for sale. For more info see store details below:

Blacker Dread Music Store

406 Coldharbour Lane


Tel: 020 7274 5095


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