Wicked Inna Bed

I had fallen into a semi-subconscious trance, limbs folded into my chest. I lay within the sunken centre of my bottom bunk. Maria, Shariece, Stella and Tyrone were ‘bogling’ to ‘Wicked Inna Bed’ by Shabba Ranks that was playing on my ‘bashment’ and R&B tape, a dance that was very popular in dancehall videos on TV and throughout Caribbean community.

Stephanie Johnson

Featured in Chapter Three (Beating) of Once Bad Intentions, Shabba Ranks was symbolic to the dancehall scene that took the Caribbean and its descending line by a thunderstorm. Despite its, at times, explicit mannerisms, dancehall was embraced as one of many musical genres Jamaicans’ created and owned.

As one of the most recognised dancehall artists of his generation, Shabba Ranks helped bring global recognition to the dancehall scene in the early 1990’s with his, however controversial, coarse, ex-rated, lyrical content. He was one of the original dancehall deejays who came through with tracks like ‘Dem Bow’ in 1991 before later releasing classics like Mr. Loverman,’ ‘Wicked Inna Bed,’ ‘Ting A Ling’ and ‘Caan Dun.’ He was saluted amongst Stephanie and her peers, who cried ‘Shabba!’ when the opportunity arose.

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