Stop The Fussing & Fighting

For some moments I lay there on the bottom bunk trying to ease my stresses out. Dad continued to let his mouth run over and above the reggae drumbeats of Dennis Brown’s ‘Stop the Fussing and Fighting’.

Stephanie Johnson

Dennis Brown, like other great reggae artists, is what drives the culture of Jamaica and the Jamaicans that follow generation after generation, regardless of their location. The music is what sets the tone, the political, social and spiritual affiliations at times when words are limited.

Dennis Brown’s Stop the Fussing and Fighting appears in Chapter Four (Non P Territory) of Once Bad Intentions when protagonist Stephanie Johnson’s father, Richard, learns of her getting a detention at school for not paying attention in her history class. This scene opens up a wider conversation of history and the relevance of its subjects to the recipient the history is being taught to.

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