Brands in the Hood

Whilst Nicola checked out Charlene I checked out her. She was kitted out from head to toe in designer clothing. She wore skin-tight patterned Versace jeans, a fitted white top with Giorgio Armani sprawled across the front, a Moschino belt with the gold block lettering and flat black Gucci loafers with the Gucci link. Plus a black bomber jacket that had the Versace logo engraved on the back. Her hair was dyed a platinum blonde and cut short like T-Boz from TLC.

Stephanie Johnson

Designer labels were highly regarded in London urban communities throughout the nineties, as I’m sure it is today. Characters such as Nicola in Chapter Six (Alleviate) of Once Bad Intentions flaunted with designer brands like they were a walking exhibition getting paid advertising endorsement fees. But they weren’t. They were just a part of the have nots who wanted to display the wealth they longed for, and blaze a trail of trend setters fresh off the catwalk.

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