Murder She Wrote

We passed the middle of the dance floor where girls were ‘butterflying’, a dancehall move where you rotate your knees together in opposite directions, but these girls were doing it on their backs. I hadn’t seen this dance live before, only in music videos on TV.

Stephanie Johnson

Reggae duo Chaka Demus and Pliers teamed up in the early 1990’s to release classics like ‘Tease Me,’ ‘She Don’t Let Know Body,’ ‘Twist and Shout,’ and later in 1994 ‘Murder She Wrote.’

The excerpt is taken from Chapter Eight (Bashment Time!) of Once Bad Intentions. That particular scene was inspired by the ‘Murder She Wrote’ music video where young girls like Stephanie would have been introduced to the butterfly dance move. They would practice these moves religiously and await the opportunity to showcase the dance move at a bashment dance.

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