I remember aligning the severity of the chastising with the character Kunta Kinte in the TV series Roots at the time. I wriggled from her grip and screamed whilst she lashed me with a curtain wire and dared me to call the police, pushing the handset to my ear and urging me to dial 999.
Stephanie Johnson

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The rawness of this moment would jerk the tears of any spectator, but not me. So deep-set was my own emotion that I couldn’t see past my own hurt…
— Stephanie Johnson
This girl probably came from a civilised and educated household, and originally from a neighbourhood that nurtured such traits. But she was in a new neighbourhood now with totally different dynamics. It was now play or be played, and regardless of my hesitations, unfortunately this girl was about to get played.
— Stephanie Johnson
They, like us, watched and loved movies like Boyz n the Hood, Menace II Society, New Jack City, The Godfather and Scarface. Scarface was the epitome of ‘gangsterism’, and that’s what they wanted to be…it’s what we all wanted to be… gangsters in our own movies.
— Stephanie Johnson