I’m Monique Dixon,  the author of début novel Once Bad Intentions.  Like my protagonist, Stephanie Johnson, I grew up in South-East London during the nineties. I wanted to tell a story inspired by girls I hung out with, the conversations, experiences we had at school. The camaraderie and loyalty we had towards one another whilst we embarked on our journey of life. We had a desire to do and be better than what we were being exposed to.

I started writing not long before I graduated from the University of the Arts in the early noughties having developed a passion for the poetry art form. I was trying to figure out my place in the world, and often found comfort in memories and characters from my past. With my friends I would always recollect hilarious stories we were all a part of. The fights we had, the circus show beatings we got by our parents, our cultural and societal insecurities, our boyfriends, how we valued our image, our clothes, our pride and ourselves as young girls and women. We’d often cry with laughter at these gatherings and it was here where I was often encouraged to write a novel.

I also work in enterprise sales as a senior specialist for a leading technology company, across their data and insights solutions. Currently, I reside in London with my family.

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