Stephanie Johnson is the protagonist and narrator of Once Bad Intentions. A courageous story of love, redemption and growth. Join her on her journey.

Once Bad Intentions is my debut novel. It’s a poignant, disturbing, although fun and courageous, coming of age. It tells the story of a young girl’s journey to redefine her future and live a successful life beyond what she and her friends saw throughout their childhood.

Once Bad Intentions is told through the eyes of Stephanie Johnson. She’s a rebellious and sensitive soul who starts her story in a ruckus on the first day of school in 1993 at the tender age of 11. Her journey shows what effort and self-determination can achieve as part of a drive for change.

Stephanie introduces readers to her flossy friends and what it’s like to be a young black girl growing up in South-East London in the 90s trying to figure out the dynamics of culture assimilation, identity, image, love, and how to manage your emotions in order to grow.

A gritty, realistic, and poetic portrayal of a life fuelled by music, fashion, TV & film alongside the cultural influence of Jamaicans. Stephanie takes readers on an emotional journey full of laughter and tears. From days driven by bad intentions to the mercy of forgiveness at the footsteps of redemption.

The aim of this website is to extend the experience readers will undergo with my novel. Through the images, music, film, fashion and prose that formed part of  Stephanie’s  world, this site aims to create a feeling for the cultural and social influences of that period.

I hope you enjoy!